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Randy Miller is the founder of IOW, LLC., providing professional guidance and insights in the areas of career & well-being.


Randy is passionate about assisting and empowering others, displaying genuine care and compassion, placing family first, keenly observing the world around him, and changing the norm. He is known in the coaching industry as different and aids with daily personal growth arenas of life.

He is nationally recognized and respected as a pioneer in distance career counseling, coaching, and professional training. Randy founded and is the former CEO of ReadyMinds, New York City, the premier distance counseling and training program in the U.S., which was purchased by the Apollo Group/the University of Phoenix in 2012. Randy resides with his wife and two children in Paradise Valley, AZ.
Randy is a renowned and dynamic speaker about personal growth, well-being, and improving employee productivity. He is frequently asked to speak at business conferences, professional association conventions, wellness conferences, well-being retreats, government briefings, and college and university discussion panels. He has made numerous appearances on television talk shows and is a frequent online speaker and provider of content to the communities he serves. Randy helps and can speak with other founders, business owners, and executive boards.

Professional Accomplishments:

  • An established entrepreneur, engineering successful start-ups and exits

  • Proven ability to build organizations under complex, dynamic conditions

  • Creative, strategic thinker with functional expertise in strategic planning, organizational development, sales, marketing, and career development

  • Author and Co-editor of several books, articles, and credentialed training manuals

  • Renowned and dynamic speaker: television appearances, business conferences, professional association conventions, college and university discussion panels

Speaking Topics Include for Keynote Appearances, Webinars, or Panel Talks:

  • Productivity in the workplace

  • Wellness and personal growth for individuals

  • Creating new habits in well-being

  • Understanding If or WHEN®

  • Creating a discipline to make change

  • And many others. Inquire directly for more information

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